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Gingham ribbon and checked ribbons are faithful year round ribbons that are seen everywhere especially now that the rustic chabby chic trend is so hot!

Below you will find our large selection of spotty ribbons suitable for gift boxes,Ribbon for wedding favour boxes, Ribbon for craft items, invitations, napkins, floral arrangements, cards, fashion and more.
We have a selection of gingham ribbon including the traditional gingham ribbon, rustic gingham and a bright candy check!

Made from 100% polyester and all machine washable at 50 degrees, these Berisfords ribbons will look great in your collection.

Gingham ribbon and check ribbon look great around anything wicker, featured heavily in baby goods including blankets and curtains and are always seen around jam jars!

Please choose a ribbon below by clicking on the image to begin your search. Happy hunting!
gingham ribbon rustic gingham ribbon
Gingham Ribbon Rustic Gingham



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