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   Satin ribbon

Ribbon Bow Maker

Create your own bows at home with this amazing bow maker!
Bows can be made from any type of ribbon and in widths from 3mm to 35mm, simply follow the process as shown in pictures below for a professional result.
Top Tip: Try using two different widths at the same time for a colour co-ordinating bow or use narrow organza on a wider double face satin, the combinations are endless.
For multiple loop bows simply wind the ribbon around the uprights the required amount of times as shown at step 1 for double bow and then proceed with steps 2,3,4 & 5.
You will be amazed at the beautiful bows you can make.
For larger bows using ribbon widths of 50mm upwards use the large bow maker

Images below have been taken using the Large Bow Maker
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Step One Step Two Step Three 
Step Four Step Five Final Product

Step One Final Product Two ribbons  
Double Bow Step One Final Product Double Bow

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